Dementia Care

We are proud to offer Dementia Care at Haddington Care Home, where care is tailored to each resident. Our professional and experienced Dementia Care team have all undertaken professional and specialised training in dealing with all various elements and aspects of Dementia. 

Fully understanding the benefits living a fulfilled life can have on the elderly or those living with an imposing illness allows our Care Teams and Activity Coordinators to go above and beyond; collaborating with dementia residents and their loved ones to identify activities and therapies that are appropriate for their specific needs and help them flourish.

What is Dementia Care? 

Dementia is a collection of symptoms which affects mental processes in a number of ways, from impaired communication to memory loss. With the right care and attention, those living with dementia can have the opportunity to continue to live their life to the fullest, continuing with their favourite activities. Our approach to care is to help maintain resident’s sense of self and independence for as long as possible. Here at Haddington Care Home, we recognise that no two individuals are the same and while some may only require modest assistance in managing their daily lives while living with Dementia, others may require much more support.

Comprehensive Dementia Care

Our focus is on ensuring that each resident feels comfortable and safe and has everything they should wish for in their new home. Due to our wealth of Dementia Care knowledge and experience working with individuals who have suffered or are currently suffering with memory loss, allows our wonderful staff to provide unrivalled care in a warm and safe environment to all of our residents. Our team is fully trained to understand and deal with all aspects of dementia, and we take pride in providing the highest levels of care and respect for every individual. We work hard to deliver comprehensive care to maximise the potential of each resident, enabling them to lead a fulfilling and comfortable life.

Dementia Care at Haddington Care Home 

We are proud that Alzheimer’s Scotland supports our dementia friendly workforce. All of our staff are given informed level Dementia Care training, which provides the baseline knowledge and skills required by all workers in health and social services settings with an emphasis on understanding, awareness and positive interactions. Our Care staff receive skilled level dementia training, to ensure they have an enhanced range of knowledge and skills relating to different stages of the journey experienced by those with dementia. We work hard to maximise the potential of each resident enabling them to lead a fulfilling and comfortable life. Our team is fully trained to understand and deal with all aspects of Dementia, and we take pride in providing the highest levels of care and respect for every individual.

When is Dementia Care Suitable?

For both individuals living with Dementia and their loved ones and caregivers, Dementia can present a number of challenges every day, where daily tasks become difficult to accomplish. Dementia is progressive, meaning the person with the condition will require more care and support as time goes on. If a person’s dementia has progressed far enough that they need more care and support than you can provide, it may be time for them to go into a care home. Our staff are fully trained to understand Dementia and we take pride in providing the highest levels of care and respect for every individual. With the essential help of friends, family and loved ones, our staff construct an accurate picture of residents’ lives, ensuring both medical and wellbeing care is being considered and catered for.

Here for You During Difficult Times

All staff here at Haddington Care Home work around-the-clock to follow UK Government guidance, and carry out all necessary plans to ensure every room is safe and secure. Our team prioritises residents’ wellbeing, and do all they can to maintain a sense of normality for all of our residents and their guests. We are fully committed to creating a space where residents feel protected, secure and confident to continue with their daily routines. Our ethos is to ensure that all residents feel as though Haddington Care Home is their home, where they are a part of a community where they are supported and cared for day and night.

Care of Exceptional Quality

We go above and beyond to create a calm and joyous atmosphere for our residents while also providing exceptional care. We are able to provide everyone with a rich lifestyle and the best quality of life by having a thorough grasp of their needs and implementing comprehensive care plans that are suited to each of them. Our entire staff is committed to providing compassionate, person-centered care, ensuring that each resident is happy with every aspect of their life at our warm and welcoming home.  

Dementia Care Includes

Caring for residents as a whole, covering both mental and physical health, requires our staff to deliver a number of services and present a wide range of facilities; these include:

GP Appointments

Residents always have access to a GP; all residents are able to arrange an appointment with a Doctor and choose to attend alone or accompanied by a member of staff.

Optical Needs

All residents at Haddington Care Home can be seen by an optician and have any vision-related issues addressed as part of their living expenses. (Prescription costs are not included.)

Dentist Visits

Residents who require dental care will have access to a dentist at no additional cost. These appointments can be attended alone or with another member of the team.

Physiotherapy Access

Residents are able to access physiotherapy sessions, through either GP referral or booked privately, to help our residents feel more like themselves again.

Access to a Chiropodist

We can arrange for a Chiropodist to assess and treat residents with any foot related issues.

Life As You Envision It

Our purpose-built home has been designed with resident’s needs and interests in mind, as well as the freedom for them to make their own choices and live their lives as they always have done. Everyone at Haddington Care Home continues to form relationships with our residents and their families, in order to fully understand requirements and desires. Thanks to our comprehensive selection of niche amenities, residents can continue to pursue their passions and live a happy life. Living at Haddington Care Home feels like you are part of one big family, it has a strong community feel with family, friends and even the family dog able to visit whenever they wish.

Talk To a Member of Our Team 

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, the staff at Haddington Care Home would love to hear from you. Our warm and welcome staff are more than happy to discuss any queries you may have regarding life with us or any of the services we provide. You can contact us by calling 01620 674880, emailing or completing our online Enquiry Form. We look forward to hearing from you.