About Haddington Care Home

Haddington Care Home is situated on the banks of the River Tyne in the Royal Burgh of Haddington, providing outstanding care to those who require residential, nursing, dementia and respite care. Offering up to 68 residents a luxury home-from-home experience in the quaint region of East Lothian, our modern care home enables professional staff to deliver the finest standards of care and are available 24 hours a day to support all residents to ensure they live happy and full lives.

Our team is dedicated to providing residents with complete, comprehensive care that includes an enriching and supportive environment, as well as the opportunity to form new friendships and create a wealth of personal experiences to cherish. Haddington Care Home is more than a nursing home; it is also a community.

Customisable Care For Every Need

More than just satisfying care needs, our approach focuses on the whole health, well-being, and interests of our residents. We have a team of highly skilled specialists who understand what it takes to improve our residents’ lives and create a healthy and joyful environment. Moving to Haddington Care Home should be the start of a new and exciting chapter in residents’ lives, one that allows them to feel confident and happy while maintaining as much freedom as possible.

Our team provides skilled, experienced, and compassionate Residential, Respite, Dementia, and Nursing Care to all of our residents. Haddington Care Home puts residents at the centre of all they do, working closely with each resident and their families to develop individualised care plans. As well as providing superior care, we also offer residents a weekly activity programme that enables them to participate in and enjoy everyday activities that they have an interest in.

Providing expert insight and help to loved ones as well as residents who live with us is a crucial step in becoming the most effective caregivers we can be. We put a lot of emphasis on building relationships between staff, residents, and their families, which has helped us to learn as much as we can about our residents. We are able to provide care personalised to each resident’s requirements because of our appreciation and understanding of the necessity of developing strong and long-lasting connections.

Encouraging Independence & Confidence

Our charming home allows our staff to provide the greatest quality of care whilst encouraging our residents to become more independent and enjoy a lifestyle that suits them. During the admission process into our home we promise everyone involved will feel relaxed, and comfortable, allowing residents to focus on pursuing their passions from day one. We offer a wide range of amenities for residents to fill their time with, as well as a robust and diverse activity programme that we encourage them to participate in. We are proud to be able to help residents in any way we can so that they can live as independently as possible and let their confidence skyrocket.

A Deluxe Lifestyle

The entire decorative aspect and quality furnishings throughout the home were chosen with our residents in mind, seamlessly integrating modern and classic styles to help residents feel at ease, happy, and most importantly, at home. Pleasant en-suite bedrooms, Spacious dining rooms, a fun-filled activities programme, cosy lounges, and gorgeous gardens are what you can expect at Haddington. Our residents enjoy getting creative during our arts & crafts, and cosying up with a cup of tea and newspaper in one of our lounges. Our on-site Chef prepares delicious meals that accommodate all dietary restrictions, offering a range of varied cuisines. We also have a dedicated Activities Coordinator who creates a variety of exciting things to do each week. We want to create a way of life that allows people to maintain their freedom and excel in a first-class lifestyle.

Meet The Team

  • Home Manager

    Julie McNaughton

    Julie brings a wealth of experience to her role as Care Home Manager having worked in Social Care for over 27 years with 21 years of Management and Leadership in the Voluntary and private sector, alongside a Bsc Hons in Health and Social Care as well as undertaking a Leadership and Management Course in Dementia via Stirling University.  Julie leads excellence with her team with a hands-on approach and is focused on achieving collective and individual outcomes for those who have chosen to live in Haddington Care Home and echoes the ethos of individualised care in a care home setting.

  • Relief Worker


    Meet Nikki. Nikki has worked at Haddington Care Home for two years as a relief worker. She enjoys her role within the home and loves to work as part of a team.

  • Support Worker


    Meet Nicole, one of the support worker’s here at Haddington. Nicole has been here for two and half years and really enjoys her job and making a difference in our residents lives.

  • Activities Coordinator


    Meet Linda who works as part of the activities team. Linda has worked at Haddington for nearly three years. She claims she is the nutty one and loves to laugh with the residents and their families.

  • Chef


    Meet our Chef Liz. Liz has worked here at Haddington Care Home for almost four years, and creates delicious meals for our residents. Liz loves seeing residents enjoying her food and trying new recipes.

  • Domestic Worker


    Meet Gill, she is part of the domestic team. Gill has only been back at Haddington for a few weeks and had worked here previously but came back as she loved her job and the residents. Gill has said it feels like she’s never been away.

  • Receptionist


    Meet Katie who is part of Haddington Care Home’s reception team. Katie has been working here for over two years and loves her job as she gets to meet and greet visitors and interact with residents.

  • Activities Coordinator


    Meet Laura, one of the Activities Coordinators for Haddington Care Home. Laura has been here for almost four years – from day one of opening. Laura loves to put a smile on residents faces and to see them laugh which makes her job all worth while.

  • Business Support Team


    Meet Stacey who is part of the business support team. Stacey has been at Haddington Care Home for seven months, her job can be challenging but receives lots of support from a great team.

  • Finance Team


    Meet Christine who is a member of the finance team. Christine has been at Haddington for almost two years. Christine enjoys her role within the home and has good relationships with everyone.

  • Facility Officer


    Meet Davie who is our Facility Officer. Davie has worked for Haddington for almost three years. Davie loves his job and has great banter with the residents and staff. He is a jack of all trades.

Care of an Exceptional Quality

Our approach to care is more than just satisfying physical health needs; it’s about caring for our residents’ overall health, well-being, and passions. We strive to provide comprehensive medical care in a home that feels like a 5* hotel and allows residents to live a luxurious and fulfilling existence. Our staff consists of highly trained specialists that understand what it takes to enhance our residents’ lives and create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere every single day. Haddington Care Home provides residents with everything they could need to form new friendships, make incredible memories and have a ball.