Hair Salon

Haddington Care Home offers superior care as well as a number of high-quality amenities, such as our fantastic Hair Salon. Residents are encouraged to visit our salon on a frequent basis in order to maintain their best appearance. It has been artistically equipped to create a soothing environment in which residents can relax while being pampered by our professional hair stylists.

The outstanding team at Haddington Care Home are qualified professionals that go above and beyond to ensure that all residents have a great time while in their skilled hands.

Everyone Deserves a Pamper 

As part of the home’s overall cost, all of our residents are invited to visit Haddington Care Home’s hair salon, whether that be for a quick trim or a complete makeover. We recognise how vital it is for our residents to be satisfied with the services we have to offer, and we believe that providing a health and beauty service will assist them in feeling their best. Our residents can unwind and enjoy some well-deserved alone time in our salon, or talk to one of our staff members; whatever our residents prefer, our team is there to make their experience as pleasurable as possible.

A Plethora of Luxury Facilities  

Our residents’ health, happiness, and comfort are our top objectives at Haddington Care Home. Our purpose-built house was created to allow residents to partake in a wide range of activities and spend their days with individuals who have similar interests. Haddington Care Home is happy to provide a wide selection of outstanding amenities and services to meet the needs of all residents. Haddington Care Home has something for everyone, from our spacious lounges to our beautiful en-suite bedrooms and arts and crafts classes.

Feel A Brand New You

At Haddington Care Home, we care about our residents’ health and well-being, and we want to make sure they get the relevant health care and special treatment they need to look and feel their best every day. Our Hair Salon is the ideal location to unwind while receiving some well-deserved TLC from our devoted hair stylists in the privacy of your own home, and we promise that you’ll walk away feeling spectacular.

Our Hair Salon Features

You can trust our amazing team at Haddington Care Home to take after our residents, especially when they’re in the hands of our lovely hair stylists.

Regular Appointments

The salon at Haddington Care Home takes pride in providing residents with life’s little luxuries, such as routine hair washing, haircuts, perms, and head massages, so that they can enhance their appearance on a regular basis.

Self-Confidence That Shines Through

Our experienced hair stylists are pleased to provide our residents with the best quality hair care as the ultimate indulging experience, whilst ensuring that they are always happy with their hair when they look in the mirror. Our hair stylists are available every day of the week.

The Best Results

Whether it’s our healthcare staff, culinary team, or salon specialists, every member that works at Haddington Care Home is highly experienced in their industry and equipped to provide high-quality services to our residents.

Life As You Envision It 

Our home was designed with each resident’s needs and interests in mind, as well as the freedom for them to make their own choices and live their lives as they have done before. Our staff continues to form strong ties with our residents and their families, in order to fully understand each individual’s desire. Thanks to our comprehensive selection of amenities, residents can continue to pursue their passions and enjoy a happy life at Haddington Care Home.

Care of Exceptional Quality

We strive to provide a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for our residents while also providing exceptional care to each and every one of them. We are able to provide everyone with a magnificent lifestyle and the best quality of life by having a thorough grasp of their needs and implementing comprehensive care plans that are suited to each individual. Our entire staff is committed to providing the best person-centered care possible, ensuring that each resident is happy with every aspect of their stay at our warm and welcoming home. We want nothing more than to be able to help our residents lead a wonderful life regardless of their personal situation.  

Talk To a Member of Our Team

Any questions or concerns you may have about our hair salon or any of our other services will be gladly addressed by the Haddington staff. Call 01620 674880 or email to get in touch with us. You may also contact us using our online Enquiry Form, and a member of our staff will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.