• Senior Cook


  • To assist in the provision of a kitchen cleaning and catering service which is safe and supports the health, well being and dietary needs of service users.


  • To assist with the preparation and delivery of meals to residents and to clean the kitchen, dining areas and any other area where food is served.   (100%)


  • Under the supervision of the Senior Cook / Cook prepare vegetables and carry out simple preparation of foods.
  • Re-heat previously prepared meals in the absence of the Senior Cook/Cook in line with “Cook Safe” procedures and food hygiene regulations
  • Assist with the transportation of meals from the kitchen to the dining areas.
  • Assist care staff to serve meals
  • To assist with clearing of tables
  • Assist the Domestic Support Assistants to clean tables and dining areas after each meal
  • To report any issues of concern or complaints from service users to the Senior Cook/Manager
  • To clean kitchen area daily and after use as per the agreed kitchen cleaning schedule This includes:Floor areas
    Worktops and tables
    Sinks and dishwashing area
    Cooker and hot plates
    Any catering equipment requiring cleaning e.g. mixers, potato peelers etc.
  • To clean other catering related areas and equipments on a weekly basis as per the agreed kitchen cleaning scheduleThis includes:Cupboards and storerooms (in the kitchen and dining areas)
    Fridges and cold rooms
    Fish fryers, grills etc
    Walls, window ledges, “splash back” etc.
  • To clean either by hand or dishwasher all kitchen utensils e.g. pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and glassware
  • To report any equipment faults to the Senior Cook/Administrative Assistant
  • To assist with the safe storage of catering supplies and to report when stocks are low.
  • To assist the Senior Cook/Cook with any special events which require additional catering
  • To follow the Departmental Infection Control guidelines, and statutory food hygiene regulations for the safe delivery of a meal service
  • To follow all statutory and departmental guidelines as they relate to Health and Safety in a catering service


  • None


Post holders are expected to have occasional requirement for creativity and problem solving to assist the senior cook / cook to improve efficiency and quality of service, however they will mainly work within detailed procedure.


Most contacts will be routine involving exchange of information. Communication with Service Users will be appropriate to their needs. Post holder will have regular contact with;-

  • Manager and other staff
  • Dietetics Advisor
  • Service users and relatives
  • And occasional contact with others external to the home e.g. Environmental health officer, Health and Safety officers, contractors

Support and Supervision Received

  • Day to day supervision received from the Senior Cook or Cook.  Line management supervision received from the Senior Cook in line with service guidelines.

Decisions (Discretion)

Post holder will mainly work within clearly defined procedures and instructions. Decisions made will include:-

  • Use of catering equipment including cookers and settings to be used
  • Reporting of issues which must comprise the health and safety and well being of others
  • Cleaning product use

Decisions (consequences)

Decisions made will be of a routine nature and should have limited consequences on others. However in some circumstances decisions may have consequences for the delivery of service e.g.

  • Insufficient food preparation for meals to be served.
  • Cooker temperature set too high / low.
  • Food hygiene


  • No responsibilities for physical or financial resource.

Environment – Work demands

  • Post holder works to a standard schedule of agreed tasks and timescales e.g. meal times
  • Post holder requires to be flexible to meet service demands e.g. change in menu, infection outbreak, equipment failure

Environment – Physical

  • Frequent standing and walking around the building to undertake activities of the post e.g. food preparation and delivery
  • Frequent lifting and handling e.g. bags of potatoes, full pans, taking food from cookers, pushing heated trolley

Environment – Working Conditions

  • Frequent working in hot, humid atmosphere
  • Use of potentially dangerous equipment e.g. mixers, deep fat fryers, knives
  • Potential of exposure to infection
  • Potential exposure to aggressive behaviour from service users

Environment – Work Context

  • Vigilance required to ensure correct settings for cooker and other equipment
  • Care required to ensure correct dosing of cleaning products
  • Care required to respect the privacy, dignity and choice of service users
  • Post holder must ensure that Food Hygiene Regulations and Infection Control procedures are carried out at all times
  • Tasks require the use of commercial kitchen equipment on a daily basis
  • A range of statutory and departmental guidelines govern safe practice in the kitchen which the post holder must be aware of

Knowledge and Skills


  • Qualification –  Certificate in food hygiene


  • Knowledge of the operation of commercial catering equipment e.g. cookers, deep fat fryers, potato peelers, mixers etc.
  • Knowledge of statutory food hygiene regulations and departmental infection control and health and safety procedures
  • Basic knowledge of nutritional requirements of older people
  • Knowledge of the national care standards and how they relate to the post
  • Awareness of department adult support and protection guidelines, infection control procedures and Dementia Awareness
  • Skills required; dexterity, use of knives and catering equipment, interpersonal skills, food handling, basic literacy skills


  • Experience of catering or cleaning – use of catering equipment/
  • Working as a team member